Uncovering The Elusive Tonsil Stone In Bloodborne: A Guide To Its Location

where do I get the tonsil stone in bloodborne

In the warped, nightmarish world of Bloodborne, players can find themselves encountering all sorts of grotesque and horrifying creatures. However, there is one particular enemy that may just make your skin crawl - the tonsil stone. These peculiar objects can be found in the depths of the game's twisted labyrinth, and are surrounded by a mysterious aura. But what are they, exactly, and why are they so fascinatingly repulsive? Join us as we delve into the twisted origins and eerie significance of the tonsil stone in Bloodborne.

Characteristics Values
Location Forbidden Woods, Byrgenwerth
Appearance White, small, irregular
Composition Calcium and debris
Consistency Hard, compact
Odor Foul, bad breath
Symptoms Sore throat, difficulty swallowing
Treatment Gargling with saltwater, using a q-tip to remove them
Prevention Good oral hygiene, regular brushing and flossing


Locations in Bloodborne where you can find Tonsil Stones

In the dark and treacherous world of Bloodborne, there are several locations where you can find Tonsil Stones, a mysterious item that unlocks hidden paths and reveals valuable secrets. In this article, we will explore three key locations where you can find Tonsil Stones - Yharnam, the starting area, Forbidden Woods, and Nightmare Frontier. So grab your weapons and prepare for a perilous journey as we uncover the whereabouts of these elusive items.

Yharnam, the Starting Area:

Yharnam is the first location you explore in Bloodborne, and it's also home to the first Tonsil Stone. As you progress through the game, you'll encounter an eerie and ominous cathedral known as the Grand Cathedral. Within its dark depths, you will find a non-playable character called "Valtr, Master of the League". Interact with him and exhaust his dialogue options to obtain the first Tonsil Stone. It's crucial to keep in mind that you need to be on friendly terms with the League covenant to acquire this item.

Forbidden Woods:

Venture deeper into the nightmarish world of Bloodborne, and you'll eventually arrive at the Forbidden Woods. This sprawling area is teeming with enemies and traps, but it also holds the key to unlocking a hidden path. From the starting point of the Forbidden Woods, head straight until you reach a village. Look for a house with a red lamp and a "Byrgenwerth Spider" lurking outside. Inside this house, you'll find an NPC named "Patches, the Spider". Speak to Patches and answer "Yes" to his question. This will trigger a cutscene that reveals a secret passage containing the second Tonsil Stone.

Nightmare Frontier:

The Nightmare Frontier is a nightmarish dimension lurking beneath the surface of Bloodborne's world. To reach this cursed land, you must defeat Amygdala in the Cathedral Ward and interact with the Amygdala's hand that appears at Cathedral Plaza. Once you're in the Nightmare Frontier, make your way through the treacherous terrain until you reach a sinister structure known as the Nightmare Lecture Building. Enter the building and ascend the floors until you find an NPC named "Adella, the Nun". Talk to Adella multiple times until she becomes hostile and attacks you. Defeat her and she will drop the final Tonsil Stone.

Now that you know the locations of each Tonsil Stone, it's important to remember their significance. These items are not mere collectibles; they serve as gateways to hidden areas and reveal crucial information about the game's lore. Tonsil Stones grant access to the "Nightmare of Mensis" and "Byrgenwerth" areas, unveiling new challenges and encounters on your perilous journey.

Explore these locations, seize the Tonsil Stones, and unlock the secrets that lie beyond. But be cautious, for these areas are filled with powerful enemies and deadly traps. Equip yourself with your most potent weapons and hone your skills to overcome these challenges. The night is filled with horrors, but armed with the knowledge obtained from this guide, you're now prepared to face the gruesome terrors that lie within Bloodborne. Good luck, brave hunter!

Are Tonsil Stones Malleable?

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How to find Tonsil Stones in Yharnam

Are you suffering from recurring bad breath or a constant feeling of something stuck in the back of your throat? You might be one of the many people who are unknowingly dealing with tonsil stones. These small, calcified formations in the crevices of your tonsils can cause discomfort and persistent bad breath if left untreated. In the mysterious city of Yharnam, finding tonsil stones is not as straightforward as one might think. However, by exploring key locations and keeping a keen eye out for specific clues, you can uncover these pesky culprits and achieve relief.

One location that you must explore in your quest to find tonsil stones is the Healing Church Workshop. Located in the Cathedral Ward, this workshop was once a place of innovation and research. To reach it, cross the Grand Cathedral and head towards the giant plaza. From there, go through the gate on the right side and ascend the stairs until you reach the workshop.

Within the workshop, search for any signs of tonsil stones by examining the surroundings. The workshop is known for its intricate machinery and apparatuses used in the Healing Church's experiments. Take a closer look at the various contraptions, observing any small crevices or hidden areas where tonsil stones might be lodged. Don't forget to check any disassembled equipment or examine discarded tools found on the workbenches, as tonsil stones can often go unnoticed in these neglected corners.

Continuing your search, venture into the deepest recesses of Yharnam's labyrinthine streets, where an entity known as Amygdala lurks. Amygdalas, often hidden in the corners of buildings or high up on walls, have been rumored to be linked to the presence of tonsil stones. Their distinctive appearance and eerie reactivity can serve as a sign that tonsil stones are nearby. Approach these otherworldly beings with caution and inspect the areas surrounding them meticulously. You may find pockets in the walls where tonsil stones have accumulated over time. Gently prod any suspicious areas to dislodge these calcified formations and ensure their removal from your tonsils.

Another method of locating tonsil stones in Yharnam is to pay close attention to corpses or hidden areas that may contain valuable clues. The city of Yharnam is plagued by death and decay, creating a fertile ground for the formation of tonsil stones. Visit graveyards, abandoned houses, or dilapidated cellars where corpses are often left to decay. Be mindful of small openings or cavities in the corpses themselves, as tonsil stones can sometimes form within their oral cavities or even inside their tonsils. Keeping your eyes peeled for these minor details can make all the difference when searching for hidden tonsil stones.

In conclusion, finding tonsil stones in the enigmatic city of Yharnam requires a diligent and meticulous approach. By exploring the Healing Church Workshop, keeping an eye out for Amygdala lurking in the corners, and inspecting corpses or hidden areas, you can locate and remove these pesky formations. Remember to exercise caution and always prioritize your safety when searching for tonsil stones in this dark and treacherous city.


How to find Tonsil Stones in the Forbidden Woods

The Forbidden Woods are notorious for being a treacherous and mysterious place, but if you're on a mission to find Tonsil Stones, there are a few key areas that you should focus on. In this guide, we'll take you through the steps of searching the dark caves and tunnels, defeating the Labyrinth Madmen, and uncovering hidden Tonsil Stones in the mouths of statues.

Search the dark caves and tunnels:

  • Start by equipping a torch or using the Hunter's Torch to illuminate your path. The Forbidden Woods can be pitch black in some areas, so having a light source is crucial.
  • Explore the various caves and tunnels scattered throughout the woods. These areas are often home to hidden treasures, including Tonsil Stones. Keep an eye out for glowing objects or anything that stands out from the environment.
  • Be prepared for potential enemies lurking in the darkness. The Forbidden Woods are infested with all sorts of creatures, so make sure you're well-equipped and ready for combat.

Defeat the Labyrinth Madmen:

  • The Labyrinth Madmen are eerie and powerful enemies that roam certain areas of the Forbidden Woods. Defeating them can yield valuable rewards, including Tonsil Stones.
  • Look for clusters of tall trees in the woods, as these are often hotspots for Labyrinth Madmen. These enemies are known for their erratic behavior, so be cautious when engaging them in combat.
  • Use visceral attacks and heavy-hitting weapons to deal significant damage to the Labyrinth Madmen. Dodging their unpredictable attacks is crucial for survival, so practice your timing and be patient.

Check the mouths of statues for hidden Tonsil Stones:

  • Throughout the Forbidden Woods, you'll come across numerous statues that adorn the landscape. Some of these statues hide Tonsil Stones in their mouths, providing a secret stash for those brave and observant adventurers.
  • Approach each statue and carefully inspect the openings of their mouths. Use your torch to get a better view if necessary. Tonsil Stones are often tucked away in these hidden nooks.
  • Be wary of potential traps or surprises when retrieving the Tonsil Stones from the statues. Some statues may react to your presence, requiring quick reflexes to avoid damage or other adverse effects.

Remember, the Forbidden Woods can be a daunting place, but with the right approach and careful exploration, you'll have a good chance of finding Tonsil Stones. Keep your senses sharp, your weapons ready, and don't be afraid to delve deep into the darkness. Good luck on your quest!


How to find Tonsil Stones in the Nightmare Frontier

If you're a fan of the game Bloodborne, you may have found yourself exploring the treacherous Nightmare Frontier in search of the elusive Tonsil Stones. These rare items are crucial for progressing through the game, granting access to new areas and unlocking powerful abilities. In this guide, we will go over three reliable methods for finding Tonsil Stones in the Nightmare Frontier.

Explore the poisonous marshes:

One of the most effective ways to find Tonsil Stones in the Nightmare Frontier is to thoroughly explore the poisonous marshes. These murky waters hold many secrets and hidden treasures, including the sought-after Tonsil Stones. As you navigate through the marshes, be sure to examine every nook and cranny, as the stones may be tucked away in the most unexpected places. Pay close attention to any shimmering surfaces or irregularities in the environment, as these often indicate hidden paths or areas where Tonsil Stones can be found.

Defeat the giant Amygdala to obtain Tonsil Stones:

In your quest to find Tonsil Stones, you'll inevitably come across the imposing giant Amygdala. This formidable adversary guards a valuable Tonsil Stone, making it a must-defeat enemy if you hope to acquire this sought-after item. Engaging the giant Amygdala requires precise timing and strategy, as its attacks can be devastating. Study its movements and learn its attack patterns to effectively evade its strikes and counter with your own. With patience and perseverance, you will be rewarded with a Tonsil Stone for your victory over this fearsome foe.

Look for hidden areas or secret pathways to find Tonsil Stones:

In the Nightmare Frontier, hidden areas and secret pathways are plentiful, and they often lead to valuable rewards such as Tonsil Stones. To increase your chances of finding these hidden areas, be on the lookout for suspicious-looking walls or objects that you can interact with. These may conceal hidden passages that can be accessed by performing specific actions, such as hitting them with your weapon or activating a nearby switch. Don't be afraid to experiment and try different approaches when searching for these secret pathways – the rewards you'll find are well worth the effort.

In conclusion, finding Tonsil Stones in the Nightmare Frontier requires a combination of thorough exploration, strategic combat, and a keen eye for hidden areas. By exploring the poisonous marshes, defeating the giant Amygdala, and seeking out hidden pathways, you'll significantly increase your chances of obtaining these coveted items. So gear up, sharpen your senses, and venture forth into the Nightmare Frontier – riches and power await those brave enough to seek them out.

Frequently asked questions

Tonsil stones can be found in various locations throughout the game. One guaranteed location to find a tonsil stone is in the Lecture Building. To reach the Lecture Building, players must find the key to the Lecture Hall in the Forbidden Woods. Once inside the building, the tonsil stone can be found on a desk in one of the rooms.

Yes, there is another location in Bloodborne where tonsil stones can be found. Players can also obtain a tonsil stone by completing the "Fear the Old Blood" side quest. This quest is given by an NPC named Patches, who can be found in the Forbidden Woods. Following the questline will eventually lead to the discovery of a tonsil stone.

While the Lecture Building and the "Fear the Old Blood" quest are the main ways to obtain tonsil stones, there is also a small chance for them to drop from certain enemies in the game. The most reliable way, however, is to visit the Lecture Building and complete the side quest.

Tonsil stones are an important item in Bloodborne as they are required to gain access to the Nightmare Frontier. In order to use the tonsil stone, players must first equip it to their quick items slot. Then, they must approach a certain "Amygdala" enemy located in Yahar'gul, Unseen Village and use the item when prompted. This will cause the Amygdala to transport the player to the Nightmare Frontier, an area full of challenging enemies and valuable loot.

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